ROMEXPO offers specialized integrated services for organizing events in the premises of our exhibition center. We offer you creative and quick solutions so that your ROMEXPO event will become a pleasant but profitable experience.


This service ensures the easy and safe suspension of metal grille constructions, used as a support for the exhibition stands, the necessary stage equipment (spotlights, sound equipment) and for various promotional materials (banners, meshes, poliplanes).

The complete package that can be rented and operated exclusively by Romexpo technical staff includes:

  • Pulley signal control and distribution system;
  • ChainMaster (D8 +) electric chain hoists with dual brake, for increased safety according to the new EU regulations, individual lifting capacity of 500 kg;
  • 2 m circular straps with metal insertion of scaffolding;
  • 3.25 T rigging keys and cables.

The engine control system and accessories are specially dimensioned and designed to meet the needs of a large-scale event and to quickly and simultaneously operate numerous lifting points.

A control unit operated by a single operator controls at the same time a maximum of 12 motors, respectively 48 motors if 4 control units are connected to each other.


The stand is the business card of each exhibitor, regardless of the type of exhibition in which he participates. Standard or futuristic, your stand can benefit from the experience of an entire design, construction and fitting team. With a tradition of over 45 years in organizing fairs and exhibitions, ROMEXPO S.A. can offer you the most varied solutions and ideas for your presence at the events to be a good one. From idea to final construction, we are step by step with you, so the result is the one you want. Along with our specialists, we offer you the choice of three types of stands, adaptable to your business needs.


Besides the proper construction of the stand, the way it is furnished and equipped plays an essential role. ROMEXPO will provide you with a wide range of furniture suitable for any type of stand, but also the necessary utilities, so that your activity during the exhibition days will be flawless.

From classic to modern – chairs, tables, desks, showcases, shelves, wardrobes and up to equipment and accessories – DVD player, Plasma TV, fridge, cooler, fan, coffee maker, all can be present in your stand at the most shortly. In addition, the decorations – large prints, mesh, volumetric letters and electrical and sanitary installations – lamps, spotlights, spotlights, electrical panels, wiring, aeroterms will complement your needs.

Because we want the presence at an event to be matched by a good interaction with both the visitors and the potential virtual clients, the telecommunication and internet services – wireless installation and rental, international telephone line, fax, sound system, microphone the audioconference can be made available by the ROMEXPO Exhibition Center.


Besides the proper construction of the stand, the promotional materials you will present, as well as the pre-event promotion campaigns, play an essential role for a successful participation. Through ROMEXPO you have access to advertising and editorial services provided at a high level of quality. Among the advertising services offered include: advertising in exhibition catalogs, outdoor and indoor advertising at the ROMEXPO Exhibition Center (banner placement, prism, stickers, mascots, panels, etc.), sampling actions and more.


ROMEXPO S.A. offers packaging handling and storage services on the territory of the Exhibition Center, either directly or through approved companies. The services offered consist of: parcel delivery from the truck and transport to the stand; storage of packaging; picking parcels from the stand and loading in the truck; hiring a manipulating worker; rental of forklifts 2,5 tons, 4 tons, 7 tons; mobile crane hire.


Our team offers assistance and counseling regarding the organization of events at the stand or in the dedicated halls. Whether you plan this event during or after the show’s program, we provide security services, catering, hostesses, etc. Also, ROMEXPO spaces can be rented for organizing their own events.


For accommodation services, we recommend CROWNE PLAZA. Details here:


cleaning, guarding, hostess, ambient – rent ornamentals, parking, interpreting and translations, medical assistance.