In order to carry out the strategic objective of ROMEXPO S.A., namely to consolidate the leadership on the Romanian market of trade fairs, as General Manager I settle, promote and implement the following quality management policy:

Constantly improving the products and services offered by ROMEXPO S.A.

The quality management policy settled by the company and conveyed to all employees is based on the following principles:

The quality of the services depends on the organization and on the optimization of the company’s internal processes;

The professional development of each employee leads to the development of the company and business;

The management acknowledges, appreciates and implements any proposal from the employees that may improve the activity and may lead to reaching the established objectives;

The management attitude within the company, departments and offices is based on personal examples, professionalism, competence, result-orientation and appropriate attitude towards the superiors, colleagues and subordinates;

Supplying quality services implies the use of quality materials and services.

In agreement with the quality management policy, I do hereby establish and carry out the following general objectives:

Design, implement, certificate, maintain and constant improveme the quality management system in agreement with the SR EN ISO 9001:2008 standard: “Quality Management Systems”

Continuous training for the employees working in the quality management field and the increase of customer satisfaction

Identifying and implementing the process efficiency growth and loss reduction tools.

As General Manager of ROMEXPO S.A., considering the organization chart I undertake to:

Meet all requirements from clients and authorities;

Continuously improve the quality management system efficiency;

Assign all resources, whether material, financial, human and informational in order to implement this policy concerning the quality and the achievement of the company’s objectives.

Mihai Costris

General Manager