BIFE-SIM 2016, a unique incursion in the furniture world!

Romexpo organizes, between the 14th and 18th of September 2016, the 25th edition of BIFE – SIM, international trade fair for furniture, equipment and accessories.

The exhibition presents the latest tendencies in the furniture, decorations, equipment and wood accessories industry. At BIFE-SIM you will find all the furniture styles available both on the Romanian and the international market, from the classical one to the modern one, from sturdy wood to combinations of wood and glass, leather or hand painted.

Furniture producers, importers and distributors will offer the general public, in the 5 days of the fair, ingenious and practical solutions that can satisfy all the demands of a pleasant interior design. At BIFE-SIM visitors will discover new ways of organizing their furniture according to how much available space they have, the number of people that use it and its position inside the house.

The new Decorations and Lighting Show will thrill the visitors with creative ideas that transform the house in the ideal home according to your family’s personality and preferences. Next to it, the Chef’s Show creates a complete design concept by using furniture items specially designed to create the perfect atmosphere for the most important part of the day: the family dinner!

Specialists in the furniture industry, producers, importers, distributors, merchants, decorators, architects and designers will offer, during the fair, advice and ideas so that visitors can find the best solutions that fit their budget.

BIFE-SIM 2016 encompasses the entire offer of equipment and utility vehicles for the wood industry, designed to increase the effectiveness of the production flow and to implement new technologies.

The 2016 edition will also bring practical demonstrations of the producer that will show the visitors the technological processes through which raw wood is transformed into furniture pieces suited for the ambience of every home.

BIFE-SIM has surpassed, year after year, the expectations of both the visitors and of the exhibiting companies, thus becoming a pillar of the wood industry’s event, locally and internationally.

What did BIFE-SIM 2015 mean?
a 5 days event
► 22.000 visitors
300 exhibitors from Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Moldavia, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary
7 exhibition pavilions
30.000 sqm of occupied exhibition areas
5 theme shows: The Classic Show, The Design Show, The Comfort Show, Chef’s Show, The Decoration, Accessories and Materials Show, The Equipment Show – Cars and Utility Vehicles
5.000 furniture items and accessories were presented

►Thousands of clients requested offers (which later became orders) at BIFE-SIM

BIFE-SIM 2016 is organized in partnership with the Romanian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Romanian Furniture Producers Association.

Don’t miss BIFE-SIM 2016, an incursion in the exquisitely designed furniture world!